Saturday, November 15, 2008

I ended up spending $98 last week, quite a bit over budget. I am however pleased because our biannual home owner association dues were paid out of our bank account- first time ever it wasn't charged. We have been doing a tremendous job of not charging on the credit cards, bc we have been living w/in our means/income. Automobile gas coming down in price is also helping!

I haven't completed the meal plan for the coming week- here is what I have so far-

Sat-pierogies and field greens salad. salad $1, pierogies- potatoes $1, cheese $2, onion $.20, flour $.30, eggs $.30= $3.80. $4.80 for the meal. (I overestimated the cost of the pierogies- I make a massive batch that covers 2 family meals and many snacks).

Sun- blackbean chili fries- potatoes- $1, cheese $1, blackbean chili, $1 (from the freezer).


Tuesday- spaghetti and meatballs (pasta $.50, meatballs $2, canned tomaotes $1) $3.50 to feed 5.

wesnesday- sesame chicken, rice, and california rolls. (sesame chix- chix $2, breading/sherry/cornstarch/spices $1, rice $.50. suishi- $1 seaweed rolls, $.50 rice, $.79 cucumber, $1 avacado, carrot $.10, rice vinegar $.20).$3.50+$4.60= $8.10.

thursday- beef ravioli w/ marinara (tomatoes $.44, scratch beef ravioli from freezer.) Clean out the freezer meal (lol). $1 to feed 5 of us.

Tomorrow is my big shopping day...walgreens, cvs, and publix (all in the same block!). Publix has a stock up deal on olive oil, and free betty crocker frosting (I will only get this if the ingredients are ok tho!). cvs, glade glass scents are free w/ coupons/sale/ecbs, and duracell batteries are almost free.

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