Friday, November 7, 2008

meal plan for 11/7-11/14

Friday- loaded baked potatoes (potatoes, $1, bacon $.60, cheese $1, butter $.30) $2.90, to feed 5 people one meal

Saturday- Bouritos (home smoked beef, $2, old el paso bouritto kit, $1, cheese $1.50, tomato $.20) $4.70 to feed 5 people

Sunday- Pizza, 2 16 inch (cheese $2, homemade dough, $.40, sauce $.10) $2.59 to feed 5 people dinner

Monday- smoked Pork BBQ sandwhiches (home smoked pork, $2, bbq sauce free, buns $.50) $2.50 to feed 5 people.

Tuesday- zattarains jymbalya (box mix, $.65, celery $.10, onion $.20, smoked sausage $.50, chix brst $.50, homemade stock free) $1.95 to feed 5 people

Wednesday- Chicken Fried Rice (chicken brst $1, rice $.50, peas $.10, carrots $.10, onion $.20, eggs $.50) $2.40 to feed 5 people

Thursday- Pierogies (potatoes, $1, cheese $.50, flour/eggs $.50) $2 to feed 5 people

friday- beef stew(1lb beef $2.28, carrots $.20, celery $.10, onion $.10, chix stock free, potatoes $2) $4.68 to feed 5 people.

I found a good deal on choice beef, london broil for $2.28/lb. I bought 4 roasts, and I smoked two in our wood smoker, and froze two raw. The two I smoked, are diced/portioned/frozen. I also smoked 2 pork roasts, it was $1.49/lb. Potatoes were $3.99 for 10lbs, so I bought 2 bags. Bacon was $1.88/12 oz, so I grabbed it for meals planned this week. All of the above sales were Ingles.

I was also able to make a stock from the smoked pork bones, that was ideal for homemade bean soup. The bean soup will be lunch/snacks for the boys. The soup costs very little, $.80 for the dried white beans, $.60 for the bacon, and $.20 for carrot/onion. $1.60, and it will feed my 3 boys 2 lunches and a snack!

I did away w/ my strict $50/week budget for this month, in honor of all the baking items on sale. I believe in buying them now, and stocking up, instead of paying 4 times as much as I need them.

Kroger this week- I did aquire 16 cans of carnation evaporated milk free, and 20 scotchbrite sponges free. The carnation milk is perfect for scratch mac n cheese, scratch cornbread, scratch biscuits, and sponges are a neat novelty bc we usually use dish cloths. 3 liters bottles of deer park water were also free after coupon and promotion, so I got 16 bottles. 16 oz of cheese was $2.99, so I bought quite a few. We have pizza every sunday, and go thru lots of cheese! There was also a good deal on land o lakes butter, I bought 8lbs for $1.40/each. Dominos sugar was $1.40 for the 5lb bag, and I bought 5 of those. These items are all part of the "buy 10, save $5" promotion Kroger is having. I am hoping for flour to go on sale next week, bc I am on my last bags of bread flour and all purpose flour!

I used my walgreens giftcard to cover my sunday doubles, $0 oop. I have $6.56 left on my walgreens giftcard from sept rebates, so that will cover my sunday doubles this sunday. Total for 3 doubles comes to $6.36. Hopefully my new walgreens gifts card, from my oct rebates arrives in the mail this week!

I did give rite aid a try, and it was the worst shopping experience ever. A manager came running out the door as I was going in, and bounced off of me w/o saying anything (much less sorry/excuse me), nothing that was free after rebate was sold in the store (no empty shelf space for the products), the manager avoided my request for assistance finding the items, and ran into me full blast as I exited the store. Apparently the management at that store threw away something very important, as they were running back and forth from the outside garbage can and then inside again. When I complained to corporate rite aid, their customer service gave my complaint and contact information to the exact same manager who kept running in to me! Needless to say, I am glad the call went to my voice mail, and I will never deal w/ rite aid again! Now I understand WHY their parking lot is always empty! Lol!

CVS this week, we got 10 free packs of gum, and since the gum deal cost $5 after coupons (get $5 back), and all I had was a $10 ecb, I got some dish soap that we needed. $0 oop.

I also bought 12 bags of green giant steam fresh corn, for not only free but had a $.10 overage applied to my order for each bag. We went trick or treating at publix, and each one of my kids got a free banana, orange, and apple. I made banana bread w/ the bananas, and the last of my free frozen pumpkin in the freezer.

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