Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tues shopping trip

I managed to make it to publix while the smartstart cereal was still bogo, and remembered 4 of my $1/1 kelloggs cereal. I got an assortment of items along w/ the 4 smartstart cereals, my goal was a total of $10 since the rebate I was sending away for was $10. My total was $10.54.

There is a special display in publix stores w/ a Kelloggs magazine, and inside this magazine is a rebate form. The rebate states that when you buy 4 kelloggs cereals in one transaction, kelloggs will send you a $10 check to spend at the store (where you purchased cereals) on health and beauty items. There is a list of eligible cereals. SInce I got the last $10 rebate kelloggs offered, I have confidence in kelloggs rebates!

My total spending for the week is at $52, including the $24 my dh and I spent on our outing, is brings the total to $76. Since I have to pay yearly home owner association dues to the tune of $400, due nov 1, I am pleased I have lowered my recent spending!

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