Monday, October 27, 2008

cvs trip, 10/27/08

I got-
12 pkg double roll cottonelle, $.649
2 rolls viva paper towels, $2.29
2 palmolive dish soap, bogo, $.79/ea
3 sudafed sinus PE, $5
1 sudafed night cold PE $5

coupons used-
3 $1.50/w sudafed pe
1 $1/1 sudafed
$.75/2 viva paper towels (found inside a publix flyer handed out a few months ago)
$1/2 viva single paper towels crt
$1.50/1 cottonelle (found inside a coupon booklet kroger mailed me)
2 $.25/1 palmolive coupons
$5/$30 crt
I paid w/ a $16 ecb, a $1.98 ecb, and $.74 oop. I got back $10ecb (for the sudafed) My cvs cashier thought my low total was cool, lol!:)

I came up with the above scenario when I realized I hadn't bought toilet paper or paper towels for a few weeks (something I like to have a few weeks worth at all times), and my dh and I both take sudafed sinus in the winter. The palmolive was to get my total up for the ecb, bc we can always use more dishsoap!

My husband drove me- so I did another transaction to show my appreciation...
single pkg oreos (my dh's fave cookie)
mayfield choco milk (dh's fave choc milk)
2 gatorade (for two of my sons w/ me)
bag of pretzels (son's treat choice)
choco chip cookies (son's treat)
a gallon of milk
real vanilla

I paid w/ a $10ecb, a $1.98 ecb, and $2.49oop.

I have around $20 in ecbs left.

Then we bopped over to kroger, and got 3 more boxes of free tea ($1, and there is a $1/1 man coupon). We also discussed and mutually decided to go over the $50 budget, bc we want to roast marshmellows over a fire tonight. We splurged and got firewood:) We also determined that $50/week is a tad to tight w/ rising prices, to keep under every week continuously...I am feeding 2 teenage boys afterall, not the same as feeding toddlers, plus a picky 8 yr old. Male teenagers eat an incredible amount of food,lol. Add in 2 puppies, and a90lb dog...haaa, my strict budget was stressing me out. So, our new plan is a goal of $50/week, but a budget of under $75/week.

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