Wednesday, October 29, 2008

tues shopping trip

I managed to make it to publix while the smartstart cereal was still bogo, and remembered 4 of my $1/1 kelloggs cereal. I got an assortment of items along w/ the 4 smartstart cereals, my goal was a total of $10 since the rebate I was sending away for was $10. My total was $10.54.

There is a special display in publix stores w/ a Kelloggs magazine, and inside this magazine is a rebate form. The rebate states that when you buy 4 kelloggs cereals in one transaction, kelloggs will send you a $10 check to spend at the store (where you purchased cereals) on health and beauty items. There is a list of eligible cereals. SInce I got the last $10 rebate kelloggs offered, I have confidence in kelloggs rebates!

My total spending for the week is at $52, including the $24 my dh and I spent on our outing, is brings the total to $76. Since I have to pay yearly home owner association dues to the tune of $400, due nov 1, I am pleased I have lowered my recent spending!

Monday, October 27, 2008

cvs trip, 10/27/08

I got-
12 pkg double roll cottonelle, $.649
2 rolls viva paper towels, $2.29
2 palmolive dish soap, bogo, $.79/ea
3 sudafed sinus PE, $5
1 sudafed night cold PE $5

coupons used-
3 $1.50/w sudafed pe
1 $1/1 sudafed
$.75/2 viva paper towels (found inside a publix flyer handed out a few months ago)
$1/2 viva single paper towels crt
$1.50/1 cottonelle (found inside a coupon booklet kroger mailed me)
2 $.25/1 palmolive coupons
$5/$30 crt
I paid w/ a $16 ecb, a $1.98 ecb, and $.74 oop. I got back $10ecb (for the sudafed) My cvs cashier thought my low total was cool, lol!:)

I came up with the above scenario when I realized I hadn't bought toilet paper or paper towels for a few weeks (something I like to have a few weeks worth at all times), and my dh and I both take sudafed sinus in the winter. The palmolive was to get my total up for the ecb, bc we can always use more dishsoap!

My husband drove me- so I did another transaction to show my appreciation...
single pkg oreos (my dh's fave cookie)
mayfield choco milk (dh's fave choc milk)
2 gatorade (for two of my sons w/ me)
bag of pretzels (son's treat choice)
choco chip cookies (son's treat)
a gallon of milk
real vanilla

I paid w/ a $10ecb, a $1.98 ecb, and $2.49oop.

I have around $20 in ecbs left.

Then we bopped over to kroger, and got 3 more boxes of free tea ($1, and there is a $1/1 man coupon). We also discussed and mutually decided to go over the $50 budget, bc we want to roast marshmellows over a fire tonight. We splurged and got firewood:) We also determined that $50/week is a tad to tight w/ rising prices, to keep under every week continuously...I am feeding 2 teenage boys afterall, not the same as feeding toddlers, plus a picky 8 yr old. Male teenagers eat an incredible amount of food,lol. Add in 2 puppies, and a90lb dog...haaa, my strict budget was stressing me out. So, our new plan is a goal of $50/week, but a budget of under $75/week.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I did my sunday shopping today, spent a tad more than expected, bc I was unable to find the greenwise booklet at publix, for the muir glenn coupon- and bc we needed granulated sugar. I was hoping to spend $15.

Chicken leg quarters, $2.95 ($.59/lb)
2 boxes dominoes confectioners sugar, $.50/ea ($.99, minus $.25/1)
dominoes 5lb bag sugar, $2.24 ($2.99, minus $.35/1 coup)
publix ceasar salad, $1.50
2 cloves of fresh garlic $.62
dole baby bella sliced mushrooms, $1.99
publix chicago italian bread, $2.59
3 small cans muir glenn tomato sauce, $.10/ea ($.85, w/ $.75/1 man coupon)
muir glenn tomato sauce,14oz can, $.25 ($1.25, minues $1/1 man coupon)
friendship sour cream, $.70 ($1.39, $.35/1 man coup)
2 cans old orchard juice cocentrate, $1.50/ea ($2/ea, man coup $1/2)
5 qts publix vanilla ice cream, $5.29 ($6.29, $1/1 publix coupon)
total= $23.10, saved $14.43
not a good savings week, but that is everything I need for meals thru friday evening!

4 bic razors, $4.89/ea ($4 ecbs each, limit of 4/card)
used 4 coupons for $2/1
paid w/ ecbs, and $2.oop. got back $16 ecbs

3 double papers, $2/ea
paid w/ $2RR, and $4.36 from my walgreens giftcard.

My dh was kind enough to stop at kroger sat night, and get 5 bags of tortilla chips ($1/ea), an avocado, and a tomato, he spent $8.
I am left w/ $9 in my $50 budget, until this friday. There is nothing we need that I know of, but I have $30 in cvs ecbs, and $11 on a walgreens giftcard, for milk/eggs.

Room for improvement- I need to figure out a decent recipe, so I no longer need to buy publix italian bread for hot roast beef sandwhiches. I also shouldn't have bought dominoes sugar from publix, that would have been better paid for w/ my walgreens giftcard.

I did find a kelloggs booklet at publix- buy 4 keloggs cereals (smartstart, special k) and get back a $10 check to spend on health and beauty items. smartstart is bogo, w/ a $1/ man coup, so I will prob spend the last of my $8 to buy those.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dinner meal plan

This is a list of the meals I planned and our family consumed over the past week, and a few planned for the coming week. My goal for a meal is to feed 5 of us for under $5, but a splurge now and then is acceptable:) Veggies are generally snacks in our family, so not included in every meal.

Saturday- bratwurst (kroger bratwurst, $1.99/5, $.99/6 hoagies rolls, $.10/onion) $3.08 to feed 5 of us.

Sunday lunch/ dinner- Pizza (homemade dough) cost $5 to feed 5 of us. Chicken wings, cost $5

Monday- Pepperoni roll (homemade dough) cost $2, hoagie sandwhich, cost $7

tuesday- Jymbayla (zattarains box,$.75, 2 links smoked beef chili sausage, $.50, jalepeno $.10, onion $.20, celery $.20, 2 chix brsts $1.50) $3.05 to feed 5 of us

wednesday- beef stew (chuck roast $2.99, celery $.20, onion $.20, homemade chix stock free, carrots $.20, scallion $.10, potatoes $1) $4.69 to feed 5 of us.

thursday- chili dogs (natural deli dogs $1/pkg of 6, hormel chili $1/can, hotdogbuns $.49/8) $2.49 to feed 5 of us.

friday- Manwhich (2lbs ground beef $3, jalepneo $.10, onion $.20, manwhich bold $1.59, buns $.99/8,$.49/8) $6.37 to feed 5 (my boys were especially hungry and each ate 3 sandwhiches!!)

Saturday- Blackbean chili nachos, (homemade blackbean chili from freezer $1, tortilla chips $1, cilantro $.77,onion $.20, jalepeno $.10, lime $.20, cheese $1.67)$4.91 to feed 5 of us

Sunday lunch/dinner- chix ceasar salad (bagged salad mix $1.50,popcorn chix $.50) $2 to feed 5 of us lunch. hot roastbeef sandwhiches (sirloin rst $6, mashed potatoes $2, gravy $.50, bread $1) $9.50, to feed 5 of us dinner and 5 of us lunch the next day.

Monday- chicken co quo vin (chix quarters $1.29, potatoes $2, mushrooms $1.50, chix stock free, carrots $.20) $4.99 to feed 5 of us.

Tuesday- Chicken fried rice (2 chix brsts, $1.50, rice $.50, 4 eggs $.40, frozen peas $.25, carrots $.10, chix marinade free w/ sale/coupon) $2.75 to feed 5 of us.

Wednesday- cinncinatti chili (homemade cincinnatti chili from freezer, $2, pasta $.73, cheddar cheese $1) $3.73 to feed 5 of us.

Thursday- bolognese spaghetti ( homemade bolognese sauce from freezer, $2, pasta $.74/box, parm cheese $.25) $3.99 to feed 5 of us.

needed from the store to complete all meals-
chicken quarters, $1.20 (co quo vin)
publix italian bread, $2.60 (roast beef sandwhiches)

Mr grocery spending week is from friday to thursday. I spent $49.70 the week ending 10/23. The week beginning 10/24, I have spent $10.74, leaving me $39.24 until 10/30.

first post

I have decided to begin a blog, to help me be more accountable for my spending, and to have a venue to share the multitude of deals I find:)

I am a homeschooling mom of 3 boys, married to an Executive Chef, and our household is also home to 3 dogs and 2 cockatiels. I enjoy teaching my boys all the "book" learning things... And consider life skills to be just as important. It is my goal to teach my boys how to live life to the fullest, for the least amount of money possible. What an amazing gift my boys will be to their wives someday:)

Previously, my weekly food budget has been $125, with an additional $40 set aside to misc expenses. The first week in Oct, I dropped it to $100 total for everything, w/ a goal of $50 being spent total...2 out of the 3 past weeks, I have managed to spend a total of $50 (yes, this includes pet food, cleaning supplies). My goal, is to keep my weekly spending to a consistent $50 week. I need to do this so I can pay down cc debt, cc debt feels like a hammer about to drop! I spend $50, and save around $200+ every week. I shop at publix, kroger, ingles, cvs, target and walgreens. I go where the deals are:)