Sunday, October 26, 2008

I did my sunday shopping today, spent a tad more than expected, bc I was unable to find the greenwise booklet at publix, for the muir glenn coupon- and bc we needed granulated sugar. I was hoping to spend $15.

Chicken leg quarters, $2.95 ($.59/lb)
2 boxes dominoes confectioners sugar, $.50/ea ($.99, minus $.25/1)
dominoes 5lb bag sugar, $2.24 ($2.99, minus $.35/1 coup)
publix ceasar salad, $1.50
2 cloves of fresh garlic $.62
dole baby bella sliced mushrooms, $1.99
publix chicago italian bread, $2.59
3 small cans muir glenn tomato sauce, $.10/ea ($.85, w/ $.75/1 man coupon)
muir glenn tomato sauce,14oz can, $.25 ($1.25, minues $1/1 man coupon)
friendship sour cream, $.70 ($1.39, $.35/1 man coup)
2 cans old orchard juice cocentrate, $1.50/ea ($2/ea, man coup $1/2)
5 qts publix vanilla ice cream, $5.29 ($6.29, $1/1 publix coupon)
total= $23.10, saved $14.43
not a good savings week, but that is everything I need for meals thru friday evening!

4 bic razors, $4.89/ea ($4 ecbs each, limit of 4/card)
used 4 coupons for $2/1
paid w/ ecbs, and $2.oop. got back $16 ecbs

3 double papers, $2/ea
paid w/ $2RR, and $4.36 from my walgreens giftcard.

My dh was kind enough to stop at kroger sat night, and get 5 bags of tortilla chips ($1/ea), an avocado, and a tomato, he spent $8.
I am left w/ $9 in my $50 budget, until this friday. There is nothing we need that I know of, but I have $30 in cvs ecbs, and $11 on a walgreens giftcard, for milk/eggs.

Room for improvement- I need to figure out a decent recipe, so I no longer need to buy publix italian bread for hot roast beef sandwhiches. I also shouldn't have bought dominoes sugar from publix, that would have been better paid for w/ my walgreens giftcard.

I did find a kelloggs booklet at publix- buy 4 keloggs cereals (smartstart, special k) and get back a $10 check to spend on health and beauty items. smartstart is bogo, w/ a $1/ man coup, so I will prob spend the last of my $8 to buy those.

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