Thursday, November 20, 2008

publix shopping trip

I went shopping a day early, since I had to leave the house to deposit my dh's check. I may be forced to change the shopping week to thursday to thursday, since I always go to the bank on thursdays.

I got the following:

lays classic chips, $2
dominoes confectioners sugar $.69/ea, minus $.25/1 coup $.19/ea
2 dominoes brown sugar, $.69/ea, minus $.25 coup $.19/ea
kosher salt $.69
6 glass plus, $1.25/ea, minus $.50 coup is $.25/ea
3 crisco canola oil, $2.25/ea, minus $.45/coup, $1.35/ea
3 mt olive pickles, $1.39/ea, minus $.50 coup, $.39/ea
4 betty crocker hash browns,$.80/ea, minus $.35 coup, $.10/box
2-100 count- lipton tea bag boxes $1.97/ea, minus $.75/2 coup, $1. 67/ea
5 lb white lilly bread flour, $1.99, minus $.55 coup=$1.44/ea
4lb navel oranges, $1.50
16 oz polly o mozzerella $3.49
16 oz pollyo ricotta, $2.50
sheff marsala wine, $6.29

total spent was $30.98, total saved was $51.10

My dh requested lays potato chips (even specifying the color bag,lol), we are almost out of kosher salt, my dh and 12 yr old love pickles, glass plus (generic windex) is excellent for getting stains out of carpet/clothing, we go thru lots of powdered sugar w/ scratch donuts, white lilly flour was a decent price, the bc boxed potatoes are just dirt cheap, and I used up all the marsala on chix marsala last week. I was planning on buying the ricotta and mozz cheese- I was quite pleased to find it on sale today. Publix was out of all purpose white lilly flour, so I got a raincheck for 2. Now to go to kroger and see if there are any more $.55/1 coupons....

tomorrow I am going to make lasagna (including scratch noodles) w/ bolognese sauce (from the freezer), spinach (from the freezer), and the pollyo cheese I bought today. Since the 16 oz size was less than the 8 oz, I will even have some leftover to make cheese ravioli. The meatballs I made last night, ended up being enough for two dinners in the freezer, last night's dinner (and bedtime snack), today's lunch for me, and tonight's dinner for all 5 of us. I also need to make pizza dough tomorrow night, for dinner sunday/monday. Sunday is pizza, and mon will be a hoagie.

My general plan for feeding my family for less, is to stock up hugely when the basics we use often are on sale. This means some weeks all I buy is produce, some weeks it is all meat, and others it is strange odds and ends. It is a rule rather than the exception for my pantries to be bursting at the seams. I also try to cook from scratch as frequently as possible, altho I try to limit myself to one big meal preparation/day.

Betty crocker cookie mixes were cheap from kroger a few weeks ago... the bag directions call for butter and egg. My 12 yr old subbed out canned pumpkin for the butter, added the egg, and cooked as usual. They came out even better than usual, slightly orange tinted, but softer and very yummy. Perfect for frosting w/ the free betty crocker icing from publix last week:) Generally, I go for scratch items, but my kids enjoy the instant mixes, and I never pay more than $1/box, I still have 5 boxes of brownie mix I got for $.10/ea. We always sub out pumpkin in cake and brownie mixes. My kids are 12 and 13, and enjoy baking- the mixes make it difficult to mess up, and following the pkg directions (and subbing out ingredients!) is a good life skill. Subbing out the pumpkin is both frugal and healthful. (we still use plenty of canola oil for frying french fries!)

I imagine I will need milk, eggs and reg flour before next friday. Everything else should be good. Kroger has potatoes on sale $3.99/10lbs thru sat, so I will be buying another bag. Hopefully I will find a bagged salad reduced to $1/bag!

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