Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new year begins tomorrow, but for me it is just like any other Thursday. Thursday is the day of the week when we deposit my dh's paycheck, so I do like Thursdays (lol).

I have been very busy this past month, partially busy w/ the holidays, and partially hibernating bc I like to lay low around Christmas. We did manage to meet our goal of spending $200 total on Christmas for all 3 of our children. They each got 3 gifts, and then they got 2 joint gifts. One of the joint gifts was a microscope I got from cvs (free, bc I paid w/ ecbs). We spent nothing on my dh's gift, bc his mother sent him (not for the kids or me, just for him) enough cash to cover his computer production thingie magig. We did spend $60 on me, I chose 4 throws for the living room- it took me 3 yrs to find different size throws in the same color...And the color had to coordinate w/ our remodeled living room. My living room is now perfect, something our whole family is enjoying (I am the happiest, bc the unfinished lr was on my "to do" list). Our family had a wonderful, extremely frugal Christmas.

I made my husband's bosses homemade maple walnut fudge, and chocolate walnut fudge. (using nestle chips I got for $.25,woohoo).

I had to come up w/ a nonsweet hostess gift for the woman hosting my dh's work party- I gave a glade candle holder/scented candles, and lypsil lip gloss (both free from walgreens/cvs deals). Even the gift bag was free from a cvs ecb deal.

My 8 yr old needed new dress pants for the Christmas party- so I went shopping in our attic, and found him a brand new pair of black cords that fit him perfectly.

My dh wanted to bring a food item to the party, so I made 3 dough balls 2 days before the party- and we brought 3 perfect new york style 16 inch pizzas with us, which were an obvious hit (one thing we know, is pizza,lol). Moving to Ga, from PA- the thing we missed most was good pizza, so we figured out how to make what we couldn't buy!

The kids and I made Christmas cookies and fudge to give to our neighbors.

My dh didn't get a Christmas bonus, but for now he has the wonderful gift of continued employment.

Hopefully I will post here w/ more frequency in the next month:)

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