Tuesday, March 10, 2009

march 10, 2009

The past few months have been busy, and not exactly frugal in every way. My car, a 1991 "bubble wagon", is having intermittent fuel issues that are difficult to diagnose. Car issues, kept me from going out and getting lots of freebies, and then, after months of having car issues, I reinjured and inflamed an old nerve issue in my leg, and am unable to drive.

Frugal things I have managed to accomplish-

I dyed, highlighted, streaked, and cut my own hair twice this yr so far. savings- over $200, plus it is cut the exact way I want. I also cut my dh's hair twice and the hair of my 3 boys- saving around $80 there.

I found digital converter boxes for $39.99, so I only had to pay tax w/ my $40 coupons.

I have been cvs'ing as usual, getting all those freebies and good deals. I do however, only go to cvs once/week now. I have cut out walgreens altogether since they have canceled the esr program (effective April/09).

I did buy a new pc, but I waited until a sale met my price- I had hefty requirements and wanted to spend under $600. My old pc was handed down to one teen, and I found another refurbished pc online for the 2nd teen. Now all 3 kids have their own pcs for their schoolwork.

My dh's car needed new tires- and I set a goal of $500 for all 4 tires. We had to drive from place to place to place, but finally found high quality tires under $500 installed. Phew, the first time he drove to work in the new tires- he realized how bad his other tires were- the road wasn't slippery, he was sliding bc of bad tires. I am really glad we didn't let cost stop us from preventing a disaster.

I have been planning out all meals, every 7 days, I plan and post the following days' meals on our dining room chalkboard. My family knows they have to request a meal in advance, but once they are posted- they can chose which day to have what. Meals are planned based on what we have.

Inventoried the freezer- lost treasure in there, wowzers. Reassuring to know how well stocked in meat we are.

My plans for the follwing month is as follows:

stay under my budget of $75/week for groceries, in spite of our many current challenges.

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