Saturday, March 28, 2009

kroger shopping trip

2 cases of cherry coca cola (3/$12)
1 case of apple fanta (had a coup for $2/3 cases)
2 boxes of ritz crackers (free w/ 3 coca cola cases, and I used a $2/2 coup)
2 peter pan peanut butter ($2,used $1/2 coup)
kroger hotdog buns (manager sticker fell off, I paid reg price at the check out! GASP!)
bratwurst rolls, $.79/pkg of 6
onion hamburger buns, $1.19/8
2 loaves of white bread, $.69/ea
organic flaxseed bread, $1.79
18 eggs, $1.98
doz eggs, $1.19
2 bottles of kroger lemon juice,$1.99/ea
48oz veg oil, $1.98
donuts $.79
2 bags of onions, $1.99/3lbs
4 bags tortilla chips, $1/ea
5 bags of kraft mozz cheese, $1.67/8oz
6 bars of kraft colby montery jack cheese, $1.67/8oz (one coup for $1/2)
8oz baby bella mushrooms, $.79
5lbs ground chuck,$9.95
green grapes, $2.15
bleach cleaner $.99
16oz sour cream,$.99 ($.35/1 store coup)
16oz tyson bacon,$2.64

total spent, $74.56, saved $41.39

I was saddened by the lack of manager specials, only a few varieties of bread were marked down, no meat, no bagged salads. I planned to spend $65, so I did go over a tad. I had the dual shopping goal again, to both save $ and not need to go to the store for a week!

I am so looking forward to when my garden begins to produce fruit and veggies!!

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